You’ve Registered for the CrossFit Open…Now What??


You’ve Registered for the CrossFit Open…Now What??


Hi guys. Lots of people new to the Open, so I wrote out a little list of what to do! Feel free to add anything in the comments that I may have missed.

So you’ve registered, you’ve been recruited to one of our intramural teams…NOW WHAT?

Well, we are here to guide you through what happens next.

1. Circle April 7th on your calendar. Make sure you have the entire day and night free. This is our special 18.6 WOD and End of Open Semi Formal Party. It’s a blast and we don’t want you to miss it. Tickets are $40 and you can bring a friend or two if you’d like. 18.6 WOD is from 11am-2pm. End of Open Party is from 8pm-1am. Get a babysitter, get a dog sitter, make sure you have Sunday off too!

2. Download the CrossFit Games app.

3. Attend all of our live announcement parties at the Box starting with the first one on Thursday, Feb. 22nd at 7:30pm. Then every Thursday at 7:30pm until March 22nd (the last one). This is where the Director of the CrossFit Games, Dave Castro, announces the WOD for the week. WODs are name after the year of the Open and the sequence in which they were released. For example the first WOD of the 2018 season will be called 18.1. We then watch two top CrossFit athletes go head to head live on a big screen projector and following that two (or more) of our top athletes at All Level go head to head and complete the WOD. Beers will be had, food will be eaten, cheers will be cheered and high fives will be flowing like water.

4. Book a time to complete the WOD using the Wellness App or online. Open slots will be available Friday night from 6:30pm until 8:30pm (Friday Night Lights!), Saturday from 10am-2pm and Sundays from 10am-2pm. Slots won’t be available to book until the WOD is announced. This is because there are different space, equipment and time requirements for each work out and we won’t be able to determine how many athletes we can book at a time until then. If you can’t make one of the days or times, please talk to your team captain in advance of the date and see if they can arrange something.

5. Show up at least 30 mins before your WOD time so you have time to warm up properly and in case we are running ahead. You need to be ready to go at your scheduled time or we might start without you and you will lose your slot. There will be a warm-up posted in the Green room (middle room) that will be specific to the WOD. Ask someone if you don’t know what a movement or term is.

6. Just before your scheduled time, make your way into the front room and find out which lane or area you have been assigned to WOD in and find your judge. Your judge should have a scoring sheet ready with your name on it, confirm it is the right name, declare which division you are competing in (RX or Scaled) and that your equipment is ready according to the standards (the judge can help you with that).

7. Smash the WOD. Have a plan. Have a plan B. Give it your best. Work hard. If you get no repped, don’t get frustrated, just move on. Enjoy the experience. Celebrate.

8. When the WOD is done, sign your score sheet. Ask the judge for your copy. Go to or the CrossFit Games App, login to your account and submit your score. This MUST be done before 8pm the Monday following the announcement. If you don’t submit your score there is nothing we can do and you will receive a zero for that WOD even though you completed it. Your captain should send out a reminder the day they are due. DON’T FORGET!!!

9. Don’t obsess over the Open WODs. Plan on doing them once, twice at most. If you plan on doing them twice, do the first one on Friday and then your re-do on Sunday or Monday (if you can find a judge). Continue to come to regular classes and train as usual, just count the Open WODs as regular training days. Hydrate, eat well, get good sleep and take care of your body (stretch, foam roll, lacrosse ball, etc).

10. Have a great time. Participate in your team’s social events, stunts, pranks, dress up days, etc. This is one of the most exciting times of the year to be a CrossFitter. Soak it all up. You aren’t only a part of the Open at All Level CrossFit, you are part of a global fitness phenomenon. Be proud of your victories. Learn from your defeats. Pledge to get a little better each day.