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So You Registered for the CrossFit Open…Now What?


So You Registered for the CrossFit Open…Now What?

The Nuts and Bolts of It!

If you have registered for the CrossFit Open, it’s time to talk about how it’s going to work here at All Level.  And if you haven’t registered…WHAT are you waiting for?  Talk to your coach and get started!

  • Starting Thursday March 11th at 8pm ( and continuing for the next 2 weeks) the first WOD of the 2021 CrossFit Open  (21.1) will be announced.  We will stream this announcement live over our Zoom channel.  Right after the announcement, we will have two of our athletes take on the WOD in a head-to-head showdown.  This is the same format as our Friday Showdowns.  
  • Friday the Open work out will be programmed as our class WOD for all time slots.  We will split the class into two groups.  Group one will perform the WOD while group two judges and then we will switch so group two does the WOD while group one judges.   Even if you aren’t competing, we will follow this format as it adds a twist to our normal class structure.
  • Saturday’s will be regularly scheduled WODs and classes.  No Open slots will be offered.
  • Sunday we will have two Open slots (from 12-1 and from 1pm-2pm).  If you want to book one of these slots, you must do so through Wellness.  The length of the slot will be dependant on the length of the announced WOD. 
  • Monday’s we will have a regularly scheduled WOD that will match up with the length of the Open WOD so you can do it during any regular class if you want to try the WOD again or if you weren’t able to get it in previously.  We can’t guarantee you a judge, so you will have to organize that yourself.

Some important notes!!!!

It is your responsibility to submit your score via games.crossfit.com before Monday at 8pm.  Once that deadline passes, there is nothing we can do and you will receive a zero on that workout.  And NO ONE wants that!

  • If you complete a workout and submit your score you will earn one point for your intramural team. 
  • If you get the top score in one of the following divisions:  Male RX, Female RX, Male Scaled, Female Scaled, Male Elements, Female Elements (wondering which version you should do…check out this video to help you make that decision) you will earn one bonus point for your team.  Each athlete can only earn a bonus point once. 
  • There will be 3 bonus points given weekly to the team that displays the most spirit.  This can be through funky costumes, choreographed dances, loudest cheering section, etc.  These points add up, so get creative. 
  • We will give one bonus point weekly for the “Performer of the Week”.  This will be awarded to once athlete from any division who displays our values of Hungry, Humble and Happy in the face of a tough WOD.  This will be voted on by our coaches.  The winner will also receive a bag of Pakd Pancakes for their awesomeness!

I think that’s it!  As always, if you have any questions, please talk to your coach or reply to this email.  We can’t wait for this magical time to happen and to share the awesomeness with you!