Our All Leveler of the month for January, lawyer to be, Mitch F!


Our All Leveler of the month for January, lawyer to be, Mitch F!

What got you started in CrossFit? How did you hear about it?

Bring-a-friend-day! (Actually, my friend Vanessa brought me on the wrong day and I got crushed in a Chad’s gymnastic class). Was hooked after that. Joined up a few months later.

What is your favourite part about coming to the gym?

Progress. Watching others improve, watching myself improve. Also, the Coaches – they are the foundation of the All Level experience.

What is your favourite CrossFit movement? Least favourite?

Favourites – All the basics: wallballs, hand-stand push-ups, push-press, skipping, kipping everything. Least Favourite – Running (wouldn’t miss it).

What are some of your is my goals in CrossFit?


How do you explain your newfound obsession with coming to the gym to your friends?

CrossFit is cool.

What is your advice for someone thinking about getting into CrossFit?

Join! Bring your friends!

What does CrossFit mean to you?

Getting stronger, and learning how to stretch.

How has CrossFit helped improve your life both inside and outside of the gym?

Improving in CrossFit is very demanding. This demand has helped me eliminate all the unnecessary stuff in regular, everyday life.