November All Leveler!


November All Leveler!

  1. What got you started in CrossFit?  How did you hear about it? I always went to the gym with the intent to get in shape – for the last 2 years or so I was heading in the right direction but really needed something to give me an extra push. I was always aware of CrossFit but didn’t think much of the whole gym/box set up because of a previous bad experience at another gym. On a whim or leap of faith I stumbled upon ALL LEVEL CROSSFIT and figured I would step outside my comfort zone and give it a try! It has definitely given me the push and results I was looking for!

2.  What is your favourite part about coming to the gym? So many favourite parts about coming to the gym – walking in the door and the chorus of friendly ‘Hello’s’ greeting me when I come in. The workouts are always fun and challenging and really make you feel like you have accomplished something. The camaraderie with the coaches and other athletes is awesome too – working with people with the same type of goals. And finally – the family type of atmosphere. I really enjoy being a part of this community!

3. What is your favourite CrossFit movement?  Least favourite? I really like the heavy lifting portions such as deadlifts and squats – but who doesn’t right? Thrusters are the worst – they would get my vote for least favourite movement!

4. What are your goals in CrossFit? My goals in CrossFit are to become the best possible athlete I can be. Short term goals are to continue to transform my body to my ideal weight and size. Long term goals are to be able to RX every single movement and workout with ease!

5. How do you explain your newfound obsession with CrossFit? The first thing I tell everybody is about the community and how awesome it is to be a part of. I then tell them about how cool and infectiously positive the coaches are that run All Level CrossFit and how they make you want to be a better version of yourself. Lastly I tell everyone about how good of a quality workout you can get in just 1 hour!

6.  What advice do you have for someone who is thinking of trying CrossFit?Do it! Step outside your comfort zone for just a minute and you WILL NOT be sorry you did!

7.  What does CrossFit mean to you? To me CrossFit means a multitude of movements put together to push you to your limits- to give you a great workout and make you a better athlete.

8.  How has CrossFit helped you improve your life outside of the gym?

CrossFit – more specifically – All Level Crossfit has reduced my daily stress! It has also provided my family with a positive example of what hard work and good choices in your life will do for you. For me personally CrossFit has proven to me that if I put my mind to it – I can accomplish anything!