Friday Five!


Friday Five!

Hi folks, I promise I’m going to get a little more consistent with this blog, but in an effort to do so, I’m going to be a little more free flowing with my content. I’m going to fill you in on whatever nuggets I’ve found and pass them onto you! So here goes!

Here’s what I’m reading right now: Food: What the heck should I eat!?–Dr. Mark Hyman. A pretty straight forward and no-nonsense book that goes through food groups (meats, seafood, dairy, grains, etc) and gives us the best options and the not so good choices. My only complaint so far is that is a US based book, so most of the links to websites may not apply to Canada and sources for us.

Here’s what I’m listening to right now: Peak Human: Episode #47: The Great Meat Debate. A pretty science-y, and very pro-meat podcast, that makes some very interesting and thought provoking arguments. Worth a listen.

Here’s what I’m drinking right now: Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar Ginger Drink. Most of heard of Apple Cider vinegar and it’s supposed benefits. I’m not super sold on the validity of all the claims, but I’m super sold on the delicious and calorie free drink made from it! Sweetened with Stevia and flavoured with ginger and…Apple Cider Vinegar, it hits the spot when the heat starts to take its toll. I found mine at Remark Farms on Howard.

Here’s what I’m singing to in the car: Lewis Capaldi–Someone You Loved. I’m a sucker for a good old piano ballad (seriously, I have a whole playlist…I’ll share if you’d like!) and I first heard this while I was in England where they were really pushing this single. It makes for a great windows down belter. The more people that hear you singing and the fewer words you know the better!

Here’s what I’m doing to supplement my training: Ryan Flaherty: Seven way hips. The stronger your hips, the more bullet proof you are and the less susceptible to injury. We do a ton of squatting and a lot of the time our big primary movers (muscles) take over and don’t let the little muscles do their work. This can cause imbalances that could eventually lead to injury. This quick warm up addresses those little fellas and helps you stay healthy and strong longer.

That’s it folks. Back next week with some more random links that help or at least make you smile!