Adaptive Athlete Program


Adaptive Athlete Program

Our vision for our local community is to make it a more truly inclusive environment by creating programs that eliminate segregation. I want to make sure kids, and all people with Down syndrome, have access and opportunity to the things they enjoy, especially when focusing on physical fitness. This is why, we are going to providing a fully inclusive CrossFit Adaptive Athlete program at the All Level CrossFit. We truly want people with Down syndrome, and different abilities, to have the exact opportunities others have always had.

Tuesday in the 4pm and Saturday at the 12 pm WOD class athletes with Down syndrome will take part in our group class. With the help of Matt and Steph we will operate just like a normal class, with a little more emphasis on team/partner warm ups and variations to the work outs that can be scaled for ALL fitness levels.

Monday November 12th, at 5:00pm we will be hosting A sensitivity training for anyone who plans on being in these classes to chat about experiences and things that will set the program up for success. We would love to have as many of you there as possible.

If anyone is Interested in committing and helping full time with this program please let me know, the more the merrier.